Climate-smart city Copernicus Hackathon

About the Copernicus hackathon

Climate-smart cities and climate resilience are of growing international importance as cities become more populated and climate change poses an increasing threat to livelihoods worldwide. To set the scene, the Netherlands and Denmark are experiencing higher rates of flash flooding, southern European countries are affected more frequently by droughts and heat stress, and air pollution is a growing issue in all cities. Although satellite data is of increasingly high temporal and spatial resolution, stakeholders interested in solving these problems may lack the resources or skills to effectively utilise this data.

Together with Copernicus, AeroVision has organised a Smart City Hackathon to bring together municipalities and other stakeholders, with relevant experts in the fields of urban development and remote sensing data analysis. Not only will there be opportunities to help stakeholders on significant issues, but you will also be able to attend presentations given by experts in the field.

The theme of the Hackathon will be “The State of Your City: Using satellite imagery to explore smart city questions”. The key question for the Hackathon attendees to answer will be: 

How can satellite imagery be used to inform policy makers about their city with regard to climate monitoring and sustainability progress?

Who can join
The hackathon is for participants interested in GIS and earth observation applications to create more sustainable cities. Furthermore, the hackathon is an excellent opportunity for participants to learn and network with other actors in the field. It will also provide solutions which will aid in the development of smart and sustainable cities.


Cases & Experts
Keeping the main question in mind, several stakeholders will provide real-world cases which are to be solved during the hackathon. Successfully developing a product for the stakeholders will not only help solve the issue, but will also give you the opportunity to win a great cash prize. Although most cases will be announced on a later date for the participants to choose from, the following examples give a good indication of the type of cases.

Municipality of Amersfoort: “We’re interested in the role of greenery and paving on the quality of life and resiliency of the city regarding climate change. Analysing the municipality from a distance, which changes have occurred over the years in private, open and business areas? Specific interest goes to (1) the concept of heat-islands, (2) the relationship between paving and flooding and (3) living roofs.”

Municipality of Zwolle: “We’re interested in exploring future possibilities and verifying results from the SensHagen pilot. SensHagen is a citizen science project in which members of the general public measure and share environmental data such as air quality, precipitation, and evaporation. Specific interest goes to investigating if (1) the data measured by citizens can be used as ground truth for satellite data and (2) the pilot can be scaled up to cover the whole municipality using satellite data

During the hackathon a team of experts will provide useful tips, tricks and expertise to support you and your team. Our experts are:

Interested in coming in contact with relevant stakeholders and experts in the field, helping solve real-world issues and possibly winning the prize?

Contact details

Organisation: AeroVision BV
Contact person: André Nagelhout
Phone number: +31 (0)33 7370165